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Lame,lame,lame... everyone knows netflix is better cheaper, but, hulu has newer episodes! Im a fan of supernatural ive got netflix and hulu to watch da newest and da old, i decided to have a marathon day n watch it on netflix, then go to hulu to watch da rest and could not cuz hulu only has episodes 2 thru 5 now... and i upgraded to no commercials 2 days after my attomatic renewal subscription and they still charged me another $11.99 instead of... Read more

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15 ads per 20 minute episode on the no commercial package which I bought under the pretense there would be no adds. and a refusal of a refund and took them 2 months to cancel my service charged me for each month and refused a refund on thoes as well. These guys did not change anything the free hulu they had years ago is the same that you pay for now. Netflix is better, cheaper, and there is no adds. I no longer want refunds or apologies from... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • 2 days ago
  • #885682

All I can say is that Hulu sucks big time. Netflix is 10 times better and cheaper!!!! Canceling my subscription.

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Cancelled Hulu 3 months ago. The following month they tried charging my bank account and then the charge disappeared. I can understand this happening the first time, maybe an honest mistake. The next month all was quiet. But now this month they just tried again and it is in the "pending" stage in my bank account! If it goes through I am going to call them and threaten to sue them. This is ridiculous. If I have cancelled my account and they are... Read more

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I called in customer service because they changed my options from the curated *** I had to watch what I wanted versus the dump of *** into something they called a Watchlist (which forces me to look at a bunch of programming I am not interested in) and he was ready to take a cancellation than take any feedback about it. This is so annoying and awful. Hulu is apparently too big for their own pants now ... making such a huge change like like... Read more

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I cast Hulu and several other apps from my phone and laptop to my tv using Google cast. Hulu is the only one that gives me issues. The picture is always pixellated and the shows/movies are always stopping or stalling and then loading. it's super annoying. I won't be paying for this *** again once my month is up. You guys need to fix this, there is no reason why such a big company should be having these amateur issues! and why do i have to enter... Read more

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Hulu Plus is not all that you know why because for one they show such old programming they don't even have HD quality Netflix does but not you guys Plus I have cable with Comcast and they have new programming Plus excellent quality HD that's why I like cable and they have a DVR system I know that you can skip commercials you may have commercial free but the DVR works the same I feel Netflix got more together than you guys do I don't like to be... Read more

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I cannot tell where my shows are or even which shows I watch anymore. They are not in my watchlist but hidden in hulu exclusive or just not there anymore. I am very unhappy with disorganization. Will not let me delete an episode...wants me to delete whole show from list. Half the time it will not let me add my show to the watchlist. It keep adding all episodes to the shows that are in the list and I have to keep fast forwarding through the... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 16
  • #883398

Hulu app sucks on android and all they care about is there getting new shows.

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I just signed up, I think, for Hulu, gave a credit card number (more the fool me) because I was looking for an obscure older film. After going through the whole (cluckny) process, I could not access it on laptop or TV. After no performance, I then went through the steps to cancel online, but kept getting booted out. Then I tried calling all of three of the 24/7 phone support numbers shown, only to get recordings, two in English and one in French... Read more

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