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When I first subscribed to hulu there were about 3 commercial breaks with 1 or 2 commercials which wasnt bad... Now there are more commercials than cable!! Not to mention having to wait a month to watch new shows after they air!! I thought their whole gimmick was new shows the day after they air!? Wtf is the point if they dont stream new shows and you have to watch 100 commercial breaks?!?! *** hulu im canceling this ***! Read more

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I've been watching Hulu for as long as they have existed. And in all that time I have never seen them supply a fair product to their customers. Riddled with lagged out commercials that repeat endlessly. Constantly gouging the viewers for money or they can't watch forty year old shows. And absolutely zero customer service to subscribers. Also subscribing removed none of the commercials that you were bombarded with. And since they were unable to... Read more

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Tried to watch a TV show on my Watch List but now it is MANDATORY that you subscribe. Same for all movies and all TV shows, even classics. It was convenient to watch some of the TV shows without have to go to each individual channel's site. Here it was all in one place. Pulling a stunt like this, to force a person to subscribe, is underhanded. I was going to subscribe when I got a job but not now. I can go to each channel's website and can also... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 23
  • #905584

To many &"@&&&&& $&@"-$$ commercials!!!

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 20
  • #904179

Their are lair they said they're going to give you free money I'll give you a week shame on you

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 18
  • #903163

The playback quality is atrocious. Im a new subscriber, ive had it for about 3 days and havent been able to watch a full episode/movie yet. It freezes and then shuts down. I kmow its my free trial but shouldnt hulu be trying to win me over? Youre failing, hulu. Netflix runs perfectly. I probably wont be committing to a full subscription.

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I'm not overly happy with how the app has changed. I'm on xbox 360 and have the keyboard controller. I used to be able to load the app, hit 'Y' and search with my keyboard. It streamlined the process. My currently being watched programmes were right there. Now... I'm not quite sure where it is. Watchlist, I think? Hitting 'Y' does nothing so I have to go right back up to the very top of the page to search in the app. Worst of all, the app now... Read more

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Hulu is a waste of your money for these 4 reasons. 1. Commercials! They are a waste of your time, & they play the same one over & over & over!!! & if you accidentally back out of your video or close out your page, you will have to watch the same commercials again!!!!! 2. Often doesn't even work!!! Not only do the videos just say "unavailable" sometimes for no reason, but the captions never work!!! Why have a caption option if when they are on,... Read more

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Early adopter who watched thousands of videos, perhaps tens of thousands, right up until the current Watchlist made it too frustrating. Almost immediately after the introduction of Hulu's Watchlist, I found myself using Hulu maybe one evening per week. Currently, I almost forget about Hulu, watching a show on Hulu every few weeks. In short, Hulu's Watchlist has turned me off of the fun experience I used to enjoy so much. Perhaps we are all... Read more

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Hulu used to be great, not anymore. Not only did they removing queuing which was an excellent feature, they've also stopped being up to date on quite a list of shows that I watch anyway don't know about the rest. I cancelled my Netfilx subscription cause their shows are outdated. Plus they had certain seasons of shows then all of a sudden they are gone, and started re-airing them every week as if they were just released. Don't even get me... Read more

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