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Ok so i tried a free week of hulu. It charged me 2 days after i started my trial. Then i paid a full month. Upgraded to no commercials (which is a lie too) and charged me the remainder of my month that was half way through plus the upgrade. Then a week later they charged me again with only $2 on my account and it wasnt even due yet. So in return my bank charged me 40 for an overcharge. Not even a week later i was charged another 6 bucks and surprise my account is in the negative again. I spent over $50 for a month of hulu. Not worth it at all Read more

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Constantly contact HULU support and they still will not add 5.1 audio to their streaming library of TV and movies and originals. Till this is fixed, I will not re-subscribe ever! On top of that an extra fee is required to watch ad-free. It takes nearly 2 minutes for program to start then constant breaks in between program as if it was being seen live on TV. The audio on most devices is set at LPCM 2.0 other than my Panasonic player which goes to LPCM 7.0. It runs poorly on tablets. The only positive is the variety of programs available for... Read more

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The watch list is the most disorganized system I have ever seen. I have no idea when new episodes from my favorite shows are released and half of the show in my Watchlist are things I have absolutely no desire to watch. It takes me 30minutes to find the shows I actually want to watch. At the very least give us the option to use the old system please. Until you replace Watchlist with the old system or give us the option to use the old system, my subscription to Hulu will not be renewed and I will start using another service. Read more

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Pay 12 a month for no ads and guess what this episode has? Ads. And I'm not just talking about "the part of the no commercials plan" Add comment

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1. Shutting down in the middle of a program 2. Interrupting to download interminably Add comment

I understand the digital market is changing, and there is a need to innovate, but forcing me over to watchlist is was a terrible shock to the system. I shut it off when you first introduced it, but now I'm stuck with it. I no longer can tell when I have new show, and what's worse it that the new shows don't play first. I basically have to know what show I want to watch and search it, which cost me time and effort. Also, it's an incorrectly presumptive system thats borderline racist. I like to watch Blackish, that doesn't mean I want to follow... Read more

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the new watch list is terrible i dont need hulu to push a bunch of shows on me that i dont want to watch, i just want to watch the shows i want in the order i want. it was already bad enough before that they would only play 3-4 shows from your *** order and put in some of their shows, now they are trying to push a ton of more garbage on me with this you have made it harder for me to spend my money to watch the shows i want to watch in the order i want to watch and it is now easier for me to just rss torrent and watch the shows how i want...... Read more

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Nothing about the new HULU is an improvement. My *** is gone, the Watchlist sucks, I can't tell what I've watched, what I haven't or find what I want to. The only reason I even bothered staying with Hulu after they went to plus and inundated every show with a ridiculous amount of horrible commercials was because at least it was organized and I could track my shows. They've removed many of the features that used to be such an asset. How is that an improvement??????? If they leave it like this I'm done and going over the Amazon Prime or... Read more

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Hulu's new watch list is the worst "upgrade" EVER. Best thing Hulu EVER did for the competition. What in the WORLD made Hulu think that I wouldn't want to be able to control my viewing, that I'd want THEM to add things (that I manually have to remove), or that I wouldn't want to keep track of what is EXPIRING???? If they want to copy the competition, then just COPY them already - don't try to create a convoluted new system that is entirely user-unfriendly! WORST planning and programming in the history of streaming video. You've really... Read more

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So I prepaid for 3 months via their 3 month subscription card, throughout half the 3 month period, they cancelled my subscriltion for no reason at all. This is my first time dealing doing business with them and my last time doing any business with hulu. Good thing I didn't add my credit card information with them or else they might of screwed me over with that too like they did with a few other customers as well. Read more

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