Beginning 11/16/21 my Hulu Live is not working. I can go to the channels and hear the show and if I fast forward and rewind I can see the picture on the little rewind screen but the show will not play.

I am little annoyed because I am paying for a service and I can't watch TV. I tried calling the 1-888 number and someone did come on the phone but when I started talking they ended the call and next thing I know I was getting a survey. Please fix my issue. I have deleted the app and added it back 3 times, I have cleared my cache numerous of times and I have restarted my internet.

I am not having any other issues with streaming. It IS ONLY HULU!!! My husband missed all his games last night and is asking me to cancel and go back to Directv. I am trying to wait for you all to fix the issue, but if I do not get a response and/or this issue isnt resolved, I will have to cancel.

It isn't in my budget to pay for something that I cannot use and I can't even contact customer service for support. Please fix this.

Location: Durham, North Carolina

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