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Hulu Stinks with 5003 errors constantly, even though Amazon Video, Netflix, Vudu, Crackle and Pandora all stream with zero issues. I am ready to cancel my subscription because 90% of the time I cannot watch on my Sony DVD player, only online.

Had the same issues on XBOX live as well, and ONLY with Hulu.

I bought a new Sony Blu Ray player almost specifically for Hulu use and I cannot watch any of my shows. It boots up, opens Hulu and my account, then when I choose something to watch it has no trouble running the ads, then as soon as the show should begin, error 5003.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $35.

Preferred solution: Discount for lack of service and fix the problem! .

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This ERROR is driving me crazy. Nothing been able to find that will fix it. Worst yet is that it is only Hulu that have a continuous problem with.


Same problem - blue ray gets my hopes up and then 5003. My Wii will play it for 30 seconds at a time...


Same problem. It's a pain watching videos on my computer. If I can resolve the issue, I will cancel my subscription.


I agree, as I have encountered the same 5003 issue.


Same issue here. Try watching through LG smart TV and it runs as no problem but as soon as show starts it spits out the playback failure dialogue box.

No problem streaming on phone or Xbox, but TV seems to have issues.

Note that this is only with Hulu app. All other apps on TV including Netflix HBO spotify work fine


Well here it is at least 2 years later, and I have the same problem! I have spent endless hours with Hulu customer support, Sony support, fiddling with the TV settings and nothing works!

I can stream Hulu shows fine on my computer, but I want to watch on my large TV screen. I can stream Netflix, Prime, YouTube, Pandora, everything but Hulu.

They still haven't got their act together after all these complaints. Hulu still sucks.


I have the same damn issue!


I live in Vancouver, WA and have the same issue on my new Sony BluRay/streaming device. It doesn't help that every time I try to call Hulu customer service, their hold time is 45 mins or longer. I never have time to hold that long.


I am also sick of this. I can't get Designated Survivor or Scandal to play.

Not only can't I play an episode fresh, it seems even worse when I try to replay from the middle of a an episode later.

I get the intro, and the local channel icon (not sure why they wasted bandwidth to send me that), and then Playback Failure (5003).

It's crap. I have Netflix and Amazon streaming just fine on this same TiVo box.

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, United States #1355278

I have the same problem. I use Roku and PS3.

I get Playback Failure usually several times during one movie or episode.

I will get the errors halfway through then have to start from the beginning. Netflix works perfectly so it must be Hulu that sucks


Error 5003 message only on certain shows. Some shows play without the error so I have a hard time believing it is my connection.

If it was my connection nothing on hulu would play. Hulu needs to get their act together.

I have Netflix, HBO, Utube they all work. And only certain shows on hulu are giving the play back failure code of 5003 so how can this be my connection problem.

Lexington, North Carolina, United States #1304503

I would appreciate if Hulu would get their act together because this 5003 playback failure is getting old. Freezing, cutting off mainly on our tv.

It seems to do ok on my ipad. Don't know what that is about and apparently from looking at the other comments others are having similar problems.

Madison, Alabama, United States #1236538

I live in Huntsville, AL and have the same issue. Hulu support is worthless as they told me I was out of luck after resetting the xbox and reinstalling Hulu didn't work.


8-27-16. Same problem.

Bought new wireless router didn't help.

No problem with xbox live, netflix, youtube ect... just hulu.


I also live in Memphis and am having the same issue on both my PS4 and smart TV. I know it's not connection because Netflix and Amazon work with no issues.

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