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I watch Hulu with my 8 year old. There is a commercial of two women in Las Vegas wanting to get married.

I would appreciate it if it’s now shown anymore. Not everyone has spoken to their children about things like that.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hulu Commercial.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I agree, people can do whatever they is wrong however, to push it in others faces. No matter what kind of name calling people want to, it is wrong to force untraditional views on people.


Bustling Caiman, I agree with you 100%. I was also taken aback by the commercial when it came on while watching Hulu with my 6, 8, and 10 year old.

I used it as a teaching tool - Thank you Hulu! I explained to them that we are to love everyone and that God is love.

Love and family are a beautiful thing - the most important thing in this fast-changing world. I also explained to them that no matter how beautiful and sweet something is made to look, it is not always right.I would also like for Hulu to remove this commercial or at least have a skip this commercial option.


I saw the commercial. It was a beautiful commercial about love and family. Imagine being so scared and bigoted that you sheild your child from the love and then go write a bad review on pissed consumer about it.

to MotherofTwo #1489617

nothing Beautiful about two women loving each other. it's sick and disturbing.

to pat eldes #1609565

I agree pat. People should not force their views on others, then turn around and name call.

It is getting so rediculous.

There is NOTHING wrong with being traditional. There IS a lot wrong with bullying others to see their views.


Welcome to the world. Accept things or go back to your hole.Some people don't give it a second thought.

Please be bigger that that. Love all. Hate has no place in our lives. May you day be filled with sunshine.

And your heart full of love. Hugs to all.

to Just for today #1486143

It’s not about going back to the hole. Apparently you don’t have kids.

If you did you would understand.

If I haven’t explained to my child about other sexuality then I don’t think Tv should. She’s only 8.

to BustlingCaiman #1487795

Then it's your responsibility to turn the TV off if it bothers you. The world does not stop for your 8 yo. Having kids does not make your opinion matter more.

to BustlingCaiman #1488919

It has nothing to do with having kids. It's all about your own opinion on the matter.

I'm sure your daughter wouldn't be corrupted if you simply explained that some boys marry boys and some girls marry girls unless of course you feel it's wrong. I bet you allow her to watch straight couples marry, even kiss. Don't blame wanting to protect your little kid on your own personal beliefs. Which most people don't agree with but you are totally entailed to having.

Like the other comment said, turn it off. The world can't revovle around what you think.

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