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I pay $7.99 for plus membership that is ment to not have commercials. But I watch over 18 commercials on a 45 minute show.

That is outrages! What is the membership for if I can't watch showed with out irrelavent commercials.

I'm considering canceling Mu membership. There is no difference between normal tv that is free and hulu plus $7.99.

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Nothing but a lot of trouble with these folks. I truly regret signing on with them.

I decided to cancel my membership, and they have arranged it to where I am unable to cancel.

I have tried deleting them from my system, but no luck. Thanks for reading.


to Anonymous #1473772

Change the number on your credit/debit card at least by 1 number, usually the last or just change the date it expires. Last year? Then they can't charge you.

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I completely agree!

Paying for commercials???

Isn't that like double dipping?!?!

I have Netflix, Spotify and many others.... I pay a monthly fee and I'm commercial FREE!!

OH! And I read an article that they are considering a HIGHER plan for those of us who don't want commercials!!!

What a joke!!!

Canceling my account at the end of this month!!! Thank God for Netflix!

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