It's bad enough that Hulu makes me watch the same commercials during every break of every show, but now the app freezes after each commercial break.I have to turn off the TV, turn it back on, restart Hulu, restart the show, and re-watch the commercials.

Then maybe I get to see the next segment of the show. This stinks. I'm almost ready to go back to cable. And that's saying something.

( i'm using Hulu on a Vizio TV, hardwired, with excellent broadband service.It's Hulu, not me.)

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We’ve got the same McDonald’s commercial issue as well. Repeatedly, shuts down Hulu before it restarts again at the end of every McDonald’s commercial. When it shuts down and reboots, it takes us back to the start of the commercial segments but doesn’t reshow the McDonald’s commercial :/


I have the same problem, freezes during first few seconds of add then i have to turn off the tv and THEN im having to log back in just to watch 30 seconds of the show just to repeat the process over again and i'm over it!!!! I don't have the issue with my phone, just the smart T.V.


I’m experiencing something similar. Mine just flips off and a box pops up that says disconnected check your network settings. But it only does this with Hulu, Netflix never has this problem on my TVs.


I am having the same issue except mine keeps freezing at the end of the same McDonalds commercial... it freezes stuck on the Golden Arches and nothing more? Anyone else??


I have the exact same issue but everyone I know who pays for no commercials does not have any freezing. I think it's intentional to get people to pay the additional $4


I have this same issue sometimes the commercials are fine then it just hangs and eventually if left alone it will load, but most of the time it just locks up again. I just finished watching a "4k" movie on amazon prime video and had not one issue so it's not my Internet...


Me too. Hulu better resolve the issue or they've lost a long time customer.


Mine started last night.And it was actually rebooting my Firestick.

I would begin to watch an episode of Family Guy or American Dad. It would play the first round of commercials. As soon as the episode started, it would reboot the entire Firestick. And only those two shows.

I tried Archer and Seinfeld - no problems.I checked my account and my membership is up to date.


Same here that darn Death Wish movie trailer keeps locking up the app. Then I have to login in again each time it freezes up. This is ridiculous!


Using Samsung smart tv, there is only one specific commercial that I have seen only the first 4 seconds of because it keeps crashing. It is the only commercial causing this. I can tell it's a horror film but I have no idea what it is called because IT KEEPS CRASHING THE APP AND I'M GOING NUTS


Now I'm REALLY pissed! Trying to watch the last episode of lost and now it's happening EVERY FIVE MINUTES!

to Henry1 #1432142

And actually cuts off my wireless connection.


This just starting happening in my Mitsubishi smart tv eith Panasonic blu-ray. The show plays, goes to commercial break where it shuts down and have to reboot. So it's not just anedotal evidence.


Every day I watch hulu now it seems that ads keep making hulu crash. An ad will start to play then hulu goes black and basically restarts, its done it 3 times today and its getting annoying hulu better fix this quick before we all leave!!!


Hulu went dark when there was 3 min left in the SuperBowl. I had a house full of people and this was very annoying, to say the least! Canceling my subscription ASAP.


Same thing on a Samsung TV


It's been doing this for some time on my desktop PC, Windows 7.No problems using my Roku/ Ultimately times out saying had "an error streaming this video".

Reloading lets me see the same batch of commercial again...

then freezes.Bad enough to watch the commercials once, much less a few times and never getting to the show!


same issue on a laptop


Same thing.Freezes after every commercial.

Using an Apple TV 4th gen.

If anything shouldn’t have bugs it would be the Apple TV right?Netflix and amazon no problem so it has to be Hulu.


Just started using hulu today. First few seasons or Chicago PD played fine... seasons 4 & 5 have hung after most commercial breaks but stopping play and resuming only required replay of same commercials, usually.

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