It's bad enough that Hulu makes me watch the same commercials during every break of every show, but now the app freezes after each commercial break.I have to turn off the TV, turn it back on, restart Hulu, restart the show, and re-watch the commercials.

Then maybe I get to see the next segment of the show. This stinks. I'm almost ready to go back to cable. And that's saying something.

( i'm using Hulu on a Vizio TV, hardwired, with excellent broadband service.It's Hulu, not me.)

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Same experience here using Edge browser on a Surface Book.


Only freezes on McDonald's ad. Maybe if I call McDonald's and complain they might fix it.+


I am having the same issue. It freezes during each commercial and getting to a point where I will be canceling this shitty service. Why is Hulu not addressing this ***?


I am having the same issue.I was curious as if anyone else was.

I am using the Amazon Firestick and EVERY SINGLE commercial freezes, yet the show plays perfectly.I am considering eliminating Hulu


on my tcl tv it works fine but on my vizio it freezes


For me, Hulu freezes at the end of an episode of a series and will not go to the next episode. The Roku remote cannot get anything to work and I must go back to the Roku home page and back to Hulu to start the next episode. I think it may be a Roku issue.

to Tom #1420017

I am on trial month with Hulu and have the same thing happening. I think it's the Roku model 42101(?) Models in the upper 3500 and up are ok except the 42***.


Came here because we’re having the same issue.We just started our free trial a few days ago and after binge watching This is Us, it’s now freezing whenever we start a new show.

I feel like this is most definitely on purpose since it didn’t do it at first. Do they get you hooked on a show and then bam, freeze it up? We won’t be renewing if this continues. Not worth the $5 for us.

However, we have learned that if we start it on our laptop, it has no problem, only our tv.

We’re then able to trick it into playing by starting the sow where we left off on the laptop.I guess we wil continue to watch like that until our trial is over.


I am having the same issue, Hulu freezes on commercials.I am using chrome thru windows 8 hard wired computer and also on my Samsung Chrome laptop.

Tried using internet explorer thru the computer, but Hulu doesn't work at all then. Extremely frustrating.

On my free trial and if this continues, WILL NOT continue with the service.Not even worth the $5.99.


I am having the exact same issue as soon as the commercial start playing my TV freezes up I have to unplug it restart it I can never watch my show completely through and it never does it well the show is playing just on commercials it freezes up

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