It's bad enough that Hulu makes me watch the same commercials during every break of every show, but now the app freezes after each commercial break. I have to turn off the TV, turn it back on, restart Hulu, restart the show, and re-watch the commercials.

Then maybe I get to see the next segment of the show. This stinks. I'm almost ready to go back to cable. And that's saying something.

( i'm using Hulu on a Vizio TV, hardwired, with excellent broadband service. It's Hulu, not me.)

Product or Service Mentioned: Hulu Streaming Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I fully back this up. I paid for limited commercials and I have kept track.

On average I have 17 commercial per a 1 hr episode.

Every commercial freezes and ends up taking twice the time so if a commercial is 60 seconds itll be 120. It is insane!


Happens all the time. Hulu with commercials should be free.

I am thinking of cancelling just because of this.

And it seems to only do it in certain shows, like the ones i actually want to see. It’s trash


Same problem. Had it during the summer, reloaded Hulu and it worked ok till now.

Tried restarts, reloads, revisions, Hulu support, but problem is persistent. Issue seems to be with the commercial service.

Maybe time to switch. Makes cable look good

to Okjoe #1593410

I know right... at least with regular TV after you watch the commercials you know the cable box isn't going to crash and you're going to have to watch the commercials again just to get to the next segment of the show that is if the commercials don't crash again


I’m getting the samething. This application sucks


Has Anyone actually gotten an answer from hulu about the crashing? Is it due to a bug from a recent update?

Like everyone else, this problem is driving me nuts! It's only begun for me within the past few weeks. Before that it was working without an issue.

I plan to contact customer support, but doubt i will get any real answer. As we all know, they will never admit to an error and claim it is an issue on the consumers end.


The same thing happens to me!!! I would love to consider getting the full version of Hulu but i can’t get through 1 show to ever determine if it’s worth it- this is ridiculous!


Using Lightning to HDMI with iPhone. Commmercials play great then when the show comes back on, it haso pixilated boxes or a black screen along with the audio. Playes great just on phone, like crap mirrored.


Well I just got free preview and my computer it *** up now !!! Very pissed


Mine freezes on my PS3 after it plays a program. Need to quit and relaunch Hulu app. Started after latest update.


I am on the no ads subscription plan. My xbox 360 freezes completely everytime It comes to a point where there would be an ad on the other plan. I pay extra for no ads, and the damn ads still lock up my xbox to where I must manually turn it off and back on and try again.


I have the same problem when I watch American Ninja Warrior. Freezes up, restart hulu, watch 10 minutes, repeat. Very frustating!


I too am sick of hulu's ads and constant freezing up after one plays and sometimes playback failure during a show! I'm paying for garbage!

About to cancel! Not to mention the worthless selection of movies that never seem to change!


Similar issue as others are having. Hulu plays fine for a while but at some point it plays a set of ads and then hangs when returning to the show. VERY frustrating!!


Sick of same ads! Ready to cancel


I'm experiencing the same thing. I seem to remember signing up for Hulu Plus 10 years ago for limited commercials and have watched the cost climb yearly with more and more commercials!

What gives HULU, your price goes up your service still is just mediocre at best with an unreasonable amount of repetitious advertising? You are causing me to reconsider cable.


Damn channel Gabrielle commercial freezes my Xbox 360 every time on Hulu...I know it's Hulu because none of this happens on any of my other streaming services and I have more than a few


Hulu better fix this or they will be losing me and many others as clients. It feels like because its only on the commercials that its a way for them to make more money. Very bad!


The same thing happens to me. Sometimes I have to watch the same few scenes and commercials 3 or 4 times before it finally makes it through a set of commercials successfully.

It is ridiculous!

I am done with Hulu. Amazon prime video and Netflix put Hulu to shame!!!


I have the exact same issue. Usually the last commercial before returning to the show, Hulu freezes and needs to be restarted.

I'm a network engineer so I know it is not my network. 100m, 8 port gig firewall and 802.11ac AP. Scrapped the wireless and wired in my TVs. The issue persisted.

Bought Amazon Fire TV devices and use my wired connection for them and an HDMI cable to the TV. Everything works fine in this configuration. Picture quality is amazing and no freezing.

I suspect the Hulu app is not written well for every device. The TV I had the most problems with is a 2018 model LG and I would have suspected that to work the best.

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