It's bad enough that Hulu makes me watch the same commercials during every break of every show, but now the app freezes after each commercial break.I have to turn off the TV, turn it back on, restart Hulu, restart the show, and re-watch the commercials.

Then maybe I get to see the next segment of the show. This stinks. I'm almost ready to go back to cable. And that's saying something.

( i'm using Hulu on a Vizio TV, hardwired, with excellent broadband service.It's Hulu, not me.)

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Me too.Hulu app on Visio TV crashes on commercials.

Have to restart the app, fast forward past the commercial and resume after almost every commercial.

This sucks.It doesn't do that on my phone or my iPad.


Same thing here on Samsung blu-ray.Getting worse all the time.

After restarting, have to watch the ads AGAIN!!!

Doesn't Hulu care if there is a mass exodus of customers?!Almost ready to cancel our subscription!


Same with my vizio on DSL. I'm not longer interested in keeping Hulu unless they fix it soon. This has been happening for at least a month.


Same in Apple TV *** ole hulu needs to fix their bugs already been a year minimum this has been going on


Same thing is happening to me.Using the Hulu app directly through my Samsung smart tv it crashes during commercials.

I have to restart the app and show again.

No issues with any other apps and the tv is connected to 5gwifi.Ughhhh


All the time




I've been using Hulu on my Samsung Blu-ray and the same thing happens to me...Doesn't happen when I use the Hulu app on the smart TV in the living room though (also a Samsung). I have to shut down the player or sometimes just the app then restart Hulu, my show, then it happens all over again

to T Nicole #1364079

Having the same problem on the same exact set up. Really fed up!


We have a Vizio TV and every commercial break crashes the app and the TV tells us we are no longer connected.The TV is hard wired, so I know it is connected to the network.

Then you have to watch the same scene over again only to have the commercials crash it again, or fast forward past the commercials and miss part of the show.

It shouldn't take fifty minutes to watch a thirty minutes show.Fix your problems Hulu or we are done!

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