It's bad enough that Hulu makes me watch the same commercials during every break of every show, but now the app freezes after each commercial break. I have to turn off the TV, turn it back on, restart Hulu, restart the show, and re-watch the commercials.

Then maybe I get to see the next segment of the show. This stinks. I'm almost ready to go back to cable. And that's saying something.

( i'm using Hulu on a Vizio TV, hardwired, with excellent broadband service. It's Hulu, not me.)

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I have the exact same issue. Usually the last commercial before returning to the show, Hulu freezes and needs to be restarted.

I'm a network engineer so I know it is not my network. 100m, 8 port gig firewall and 802.11ac AP. Scrapped the wireless and wired in my TVs. The issue persisted.

Bought Amazon Fire TV devices and use my wired connection for them and an HDMI cable to the TV. Everything works fine in this configuration. Picture quality is amazing and no freezing.

I suspect the Hulu app is not written well for every device. The TV I had the most problems with is a 2018 model LG and I would have suspected that to work the best.


Once I'm done with Handmaid's Tale, I'm off Hulu. Just took me 2 hrs to watch an hour show.


Same issue, just go to Internet Explorer

to Anon #1511575

its working fine with internet explorer ..thanks


Mine is happening specifically with the dog commercials.

to adsfasasdf #1511865

Mine too:(


Same here, this is *** It plays the show fine but hangs on commercials. Takes me an hour to watch a 20 min show...and several times I don't get though the show. This is a new issue....worked fine before.


Same issue!!! VERY frustrating!!!!!!


I am having the same damn problem RIGHT NOW and tired of it !!


This is ridiculous. Same issue.

Ads freeze and I have to keep restarting. Over and over again


Same issue here. No issue with Netflix but Hulu keeps freezing! Ugh!


Same exact thing happens to me! Not on Amazon Prime or Netflix - JUST HULU!


I have also had this issue - it seems to be happening in Chrome mostly. Firefox seems to work okay.


Yep, same problem here. Hulu sucks.

Netflix and Amazon way better. Hulu needs to step up or step out.


I have never had such a terrible experience as the one I'm having with Hulu. I joined via iTunes on my AppleTV, never got the "Welcome" email from hulu so don't have an account at hulu.com, nor can I start one.

The support information sends you on an endless loop that requires you to sign in with your hulu.com account...... that I don't have.To make things worse, I'm only trying to get a hulu.com account so I can Airplay to my TV because the app crashes CONSTANTLY on AppleTV. Every time an ad comes on, it crashes. Hulu, I get it......

you want people to pay more so there's no ads. That's clearly the easiest solution to the problem. But you know what my solution is?

I'm cancelling my subscription. This is ridiculous.

to Jonesmrx #1521539

i have same issue


Have been experiencing the same issues with freezing.

to David #1501254

David, I have used Hulu on both Windows, and Linux! Windows stops every time You turn around, with error message. Linux Mint stops, but will continue after a few seconds without the errors.


This is my conversation with HULU customer service!HULU:Thank You, for reaching out to Hulu Support. My name is Keisha.

How may i assist you today?5:28:50 PMMe: Why is it Hulu worries more about profits, and less about costumer service! We pay for a service, yet we can't watch what we pay for, because videos are always freezing up, error codes popping up everywhere? Why is this? Is it our electronic devices?

No it is HULU! You tell use to delete our catch, history, and reset our browser, knowing full well that will not fix the problem! If so it will last a short while then we are in the same boat. Why is this?

Did HULU find a different way to spy on us? Or is it Because HULU has fallen into bed with Google, like most all other services has? I pay for a service, and I intend to get what what I pay for! Now stop feeding the bull , and blaming others for Your doings!

Enough said! I know You are an employee of HULU! and it is not Your fault! and for that I apologize!

But I am sick of all the lies! and getting screwed in the process, as are so many others! Regards5:37:39 PMHulu: I do apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced using our service. Honestly i try my best to advocate for the customers with everyone i encounter.

With so many problems why not cancel your subscription5:39:40 PMMe:Hulu would like for me to do away with their service, because they know I tell the truth! As I said! I as so many others pay for a service! and we expect to get what we pay for!5:41:22 PMI lost the rest of my and Hulu's conversation!

but it went on to read that HULU, told me That basically it wasn't their fault that circumstances do come up from time to time!I told the lady I was speaking to that It was Hulu's fault! because the videos played fine before they made changes in their firmware!Her telling me If I was not satisfied, why not cancel told me I was right about all I said to them! Not once did HULU deny it! Don't believe their lies!

We as HULU costumers are getting screwed! Why? Because we allow it!

Enough said! Regards!


Don't feel bad, I pay for no commercials! and it does it to me!

It's like though I pay for no commercials, but every place one is placed for those that does freezes mind as well! If I was to guess it is a DRM thing! Also another problem is that every since the Government allowed everyone to follow are every move on the web, the WWW, has gone to the dogs, cutting into our bandwidth and sucks the live out of our internet speed! And the biggest bandwidth thief is DRM!

The big wigs has to know everything we are doing! So much for are freedom! I use to use add blocker, but know the thieves won't play the videos if add blocker is on, or if they do play, they freeze the video every chance they get! I have found one thing that will put an end to all of this bull, and that is if we all dump their services for a month!

That would wake them form their greedy ways! but sadly, everyone won't do this! and so we all must suffer the headaches associated with there sorry service, that our hard earned money pays for! Look at me venting!

LOL! Any who, what really tics me off is the lies these services gives You when You contact them! They will tell You to clear Your catch! and History!

Really? That is very hard to do for those who watch it on a HD TV! And for those of us who use laptops/PC's all the bull they feed us does't fix anything, if it does, it is just for a short time, then it is back to same bull! I guess they think we are all ignorant!

Face it everyone, they sold us out to the highest bidder! An You can thank our Government for that!

Just saying! Regards!

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