It's bad enough that Hulu makes me watch the same commercials during every break of every show, but now the app freezes after each commercial break.I have to turn off the TV, turn it back on, restart Hulu, restart the show, and re-watch the commercials.

Then maybe I get to see the next segment of the show. This stinks. I'm almost ready to go back to cable. And that's saying something.

( i'm using Hulu on a Vizio TV, hardwired, with excellent broadband service.It's Hulu, not me.)

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Mine also hangs after Google ad, trying to watch on my pixel 2.


I'm having the same problem.The problem is with Hulu.

I watch free stuff (with commercial breaks) on Vudu all the time & never have this problem.I wonder if Hulu does this on purpose to force people to pay double for the commercial free option.


It so *** frustrating.I have the same *** problem.

I have to go back to the HOME button and start all over every fricken time.Hulu sucks!


My hulu app (on Samsung smart tv) crashes while watching a show, closes the app, and goes through a loop of attempting to reopen/loading/crashing again.Repeatedly unless I press exit at the right time.

Has anyone found a fix?

I checked all app updates and they're up to date.Netflix doesn't do this.


Mine crashes on my fire stick during ads... happens after every segment. Getting highly annoying.


Mine has been doing this CONSTANTLY!!I have no issues streaming Netflix on the same setup.

My issue seems to be limited to shows starting with a Google Pixel ad.

I even tried re-watch a previous episode thinking then it might go on to the next episode and still just frozen.This is sub-par service that I might expect if it was free, but not ok when paying for the service.


Mine does this sometimes too. It always does it for google commercials and I can't even get through the google commercial to watch the rest of the tv segment. It is really frustrating; however I still like Hulu better than cable.

to Google commercials freeze #1389228

Yes!I have the exact same issue!!!

It stops right before the show starts.Annoying To say the least.


Mine doesn't freeze, instead at the start of a commercial, it kicks out a network issue and closed the app that is built into the smart tv.And I too am hard wired, not wifi and Hulu is the only streaming service that does this.

No problems with Amazon with commercials, and of course, no commercials with Netflix, but I digress.I also have extremely high speed internet and very stable connections.

to Crys #1388333

Mine does the exact same it’s honestly tiring

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