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I can never sit and just watch a show, it takes two to three hours to try and watch a one hour show. You finally get so frustrated that you just cut it off.

like others, I pay a pretty penny for internet speed, so I know it's not my equipment, besides this only happens on hulu, I can go to other sites, free I might add and watch videos all day long with no stoppage at all. So why am I paying for a service that does not deliver as promised?

Hulu should not charge it's members until they get their service worked out.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $384.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I agree. I just signed up for the 2 week trial period and its been 2 days and I'm going to cancel.

I don't even want the lame "free" product!! This has been a colossal waste of my time.

Incredibly frustrating, a total joke. Makes me appreciate Netflix so much!!!!!!!!


I am having this same problem right how


Hulu sucks


tosh.o sucks. it always autoplays after a program ends.

i got so annoyed, i eventually called hulu to ask how i can remove it from autoplay. they directed me to setup a favorites list and even though i delisted it, it still comes on after watching a program. my opinion went from minor irritation to hatred for Tosh.O.

who's blowing who at hulu. i hate flo and progressive


commercials seem to stream without problem. the programs always have buffering issues.

the most irritating is when i start watching a program, then buffering issues and then a commercial that streams fine and then buffering issues on the program then another freaking commercial then buffering on the program again. it's a pattern that just got old and i finally quit Hulu. bummer because the service had potential but i don't want to pay for commercials. And yes, i make note of the ads because i boycott their products.

easy with a smart phone to take notes.

wish they made a boycott app to make it even easier. BTW, i hate Flo


And now I have too watch 12 commercials with my paid subscription per show. Really thinking about my upgrade since it is no different than Hulu free.


-_- y would anyone pay for adds fking retarded


OK Hulu, I will unplug my modem and router for 60 seconds every time I want to watch a show. And then just get to see the ads because the shows still won't stream. Why am I paying you again?


I haven't even had the opportunity to watch a complete show without it pausing to "buffer". You'd think after waiting 5 minutes I'd get to watch at least 5 minutes of show.

Nope... buffers for 5 minutes and then I get about 30 seconds of show.

What really bothers be about hulu is they have control over most of the shows I watch, including South Park. A little bummed that Comedy Central sold out to hulu but whatever...


Hulu buffering sucks donkey d**k. It doesn't pre-fetch even when paused.

The result? Constant interruptions of your show while it waits do download the next 10 seconds.


I don't mind the ads, but if I'm paying for something atleast give me a product that works. I sit through just enough buffering to get pissed off and shut off hulu and watch Netflix.

Hulu Plus is the worst streaming service I've ever encountered. Unless they get better servers, I'm ditching this and not looking back.

Cave Creek, Arizona, United States #968287

hulu is a vcr

except you can't FF through the ads

worst of both worlds

may be on its way out


Hulu needs to get a clue! People stream via the internet to get away from cable and all the ads.

Netflix charges $7.99 a month and the picture quality is great, no ads and zero buffering issues!! I've had my account with Netflix for 4 years now! Recently I tried Hulu Plus, I ended up cancelling the subscription after one week because the picture quality was horrible and there were a ton of ads AND serious buffering issues. Recently I read an article about Hulu and the VP's comments regarding the ads and this being their way of keeping subscription fees low...

whatever!!! It's a joke, even at $7.99.


Amazon has horrible picture quality too (not all show, but most... just like HULU).

Stream = Zero Ads fool!!

San Diego, California, United States #951385

I agree I just sign in its my first time using Hulu plus and it sucks it loads to much, the screen turns black n why do we have to have adds they should not charge us to use it. If they want to keep there customers they should fix the problem or they will lost there customers.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #945927

Show stopped completely half way through the show and this isn't the first time. It starts playing the next show.

Extremely poor streaming quality!!!

Rarely have problems streaming Netflix or Amazon. Very close to canceling!

Chicago, Illinois, United States #945924

Hulu sucks. I'd pay more if there weren't all the loading issues.

The show stops a bunch of times, plus commercials, plus the annoying repetitive daily burn commercial. Ugh!

Crappiest streaming service period! Looking forward to a company that competes- will switch in a heartbeat!!!

to Annoyed***sumer #1075504

It's a joke!!!!

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