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the new interface its not as easy to navigate, its hard to tell whats being selected, my watch list was the first thing that came up on the old version and now I have to look for it. the background color is unnecessary.

trying to get to specific episode is big pain in the A**. I have been a user of hulu for over a year and had liked it so much i got ride of regular cable, but this might change my mind.

i feel like they didn't have the end user at heart. I wish there was a classic option or something.

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Agree completely...been a couple weeks and it's still a pain to navigate through. The old interface was much more plain looking but way more user friendly.


I cancelled my subscription, the new UI is a pile of trash. At least I can sift through a pile of trash, more than I can say for Hulu now.

to Brunicus #1379161

I absolutely agree!!


I completely agree. I HATE the new Interface for PS4.

I cut the cord when I felt Hulu fulfilled all my watching needs. I can't find episodes easily, I had to search forever to find genre's, I can't just click on something I like now - I have to find it - and it's not just that it is new.

It's that its not good - it SUCKS!

I was a Hulu junkie before this. I may have to ween myself off and find another provider.

*sigh* Why do they change things that were working great?

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