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Hulu, I've been with you from day 6 after you started. I've had years of TV show enjoyment.

I complained when you wanted me to pay for content on streaming devices, but I understood why. In fact I payed for the no commercials package. But why are you not telling your customers how and when you're going to fix your blunder with your new Interface. Just give us a timeline, that will appease most.

Because you really made a huge business blunder. I believe the developers knew this was a flawed design. But if I know the executives at the top were the one that pushed this feeble attempt of a new Interface out. There's no way an experienced development department thought this was a good design.

I'm betting the exec's or CEO had made promises to the board of directors and pushed this turd of a interface out to us all. So now please a date, when it will be fixed, so we your customers can hold you to it. PS. It really made me mad that the history of all the years of shows I've watched or was in the middle of watching, were deleted ofter the upgrade.

I'm have to spend hours finding were I've left off on all the shows. Or trying to remember if I've already watched it.

Review about: Hulu Watchlist.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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