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The problem that I'm having on Hulu is commercial. I'm in disability and I have tinnitus and I can't afford to take their non ad subscription.

So I took the one with ads and every time I watch Hulu and the ads come up the ads are really loud, and it bothers my ears I have to constantly mute every time a commercial comes up and then unmute it to continue watching my show it's very annoying, and they don't care. I think they have something going on where they put the volume real loud on the commercials, so they can force people like myself that are in disability to pay for none commercial.

And I wish there were somebody out there that can tell all these people that are advertising on their website under commercials can know that they're losing money because people aren't watching their commercials on Hulu because it is so loud, people mute it and don't even look at it on Hulu. I wish somebody can do something about this.

User's recommendation: We need a lot of people to complain about their loud commercials.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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It does not mater, you will still get adds after paying for a no add plan.

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