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Your new layout sucks. I want the option to change it back to the way it was.

I can't find my stuff, I can't tell at a glance if I have new episodes, and I hate the way it looks. I don't care if you want to fiddle f&*k with stuff, but I hate being locked into something I didn't ask for.

This may look all futuristic, but it's harder to use and the suggested shows pop up bites. My kid can now change what I'm watching when ever he feels like it without my say so and it's hard as heck to get back to what I was watching because this new layout, again, SUCKS!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Hulu Watchlist.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I hope you guys change it back to the way it was the new ver sucks


New layout sucks!


I HATE the new Hulu format. It’s lije you took a step backwards.

Hard to find stuff.

Hard to tell which episodes I haven’t watched. HATE IT!!!!


I want the old version this one is a mess and I can't find my shows!!


I hate this new interface it's GARBAGE!! Hulu bring back older version where can view your shows instead of scrolling downward!!!!


I hate this new layoutttttttt ahshhsusjsjsjdjdbxndj wtf it was perfect before IF ITS NOT BROKEN DONT FIX IT HULU!!!!


The new layout is horrible! I do have to say after reading all these comments, it's nice to know that I am not the only one who is unhappy with it.


I will be cancelling. It is hands down one of the worse UI's I have ever seen.

And I'm in IT. Let us revert to the old layout Hulu, or I will be gone as well.



I'm going to cancel my subscriptions because the new interface SUCKS! Whoever came up with this new clunky, annoying, difficult to use , ridiculous site, is clueless as are the executives who gave the thumbs up.


HATE the new interface - does anybody know how to make it go back to the old version, otherwise I'm ending my 4yr subscription? It's just horrible!!!!!


Looks like I'm dropping Hulu. Ur layout sucks .


THe new layout is not user friendly and cumbersome. Please provide the option to use the original layout.


The new layout is horrible please put back the old one!!


I actually feel overwhelmed with the new layout. I can't scroll through it to find a show without getting irritated and frustrated.

Hulu was my favorite platform, hands down...if you asked me a few days ago. Now, I really might have to cancel because it's just bad. It's so bad. Why did you have to mess everything up now when all the shows are coming out with new seasons?!

Fire the person (or gender/human/anatomical blob equivalent) who thought this was a good idea.

Just bad. This is bad.


Agree with everyone that hates the Hulu layout. The old one was so easy to find what I was watch and even new shows.

Now I'm completely lost and takes twice as long to figure out where my shows went that I enjoy watching. With all the new fall shows coming back on it's going to be a nightmare figuring this out. Change it back or if your going to make improvements then it should be user friendly instead of more confusing.

I probably will cancel and stop paying for this useless source that I once really enjoyed. It's really SAD!


Pretty sure I'm gonna drop my Hulu subscription because of this new layout. Where the heck are the thumbnails.


We dislike the new layout! Clunky!

Ugh! Awful! Can't find interesting show without pictures!

Put it back... please!


Hate new Hulu Interface. It's clunky and too much work to find shows.

Viewing should not be this difficult. I am canceling.


Hulu new ui sucks. Time to find a replacement.


I AGREE! Consumer reports show again and again that customers react better to visual stimuli, meaning we want to see thumbnails or images of tv shows and movies at a glance.

we dont want to READ IT.

If they had the option of a thumbnail or snapped a pick beside each individual title it wouldnt be so horrid.

We came to watch tv, not scroll through a list of text.

Besides, Americans tend to read from left to right, not up and down.

having a side scroll of images is more customer appreciated than a long line of scrolling down individual written titles with no picture save for a faded image of the cover show.


Just stop.

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