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Called customer service, no help! My card was charged for service until 8/23/17, on 7/30,17 I cancelled service.

I received an email stating "This is a confirmation that your Hulu subscription will be canceled on 08/23/2017. Until then, you can keep enjoying all the Hulu you want." I have no access. I can not use the rest of my subscription. Customer service agent "Jazmyn C.

Hulu Support, told me she can not help me. She can't refund my subscription for the remaining days (July 31 - august 23), and she can't allow access through my account. What! I demand either a prorated refund, or access until 8/23/17, the paid service term.

Do not deal with Hulu, they must be failing if they have to rob their subscribers for inadequate service. They advertise on their website: "Switch plans or cancel anytime" I would be happy with said "unlimited access" until 8/23/17.

If Hulu doesn't want to give me what I paid for.....they are thieves! Be careful when subscribing, and giving your credit number to "Hula".

Product or Service Mentioned: Hulu Subscription.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Unfortunately I didn't find your post until after I cancelled my Hulu Live subscription last night. Paid $40 on 1/13 and didn't want to renew because the streaming sucks.

They took away my access to Hulu immediately. So I have 19 days left that I paid for but I can't watch it or get a refund.


I would call back and talk to someone else or ask for management. I've cancelled a Hulu account twice now and both times was able to use it until the cancellation date.

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