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I don't see Animal Planet listed, is there anyway to add that Chanel ?


Unable to watch HULU content suddenly

I have a $7.99 subscription with HULU and have had no problem until early December when I started getting error codes when attempting to watch "The Orville". (Error code 300) I have a Sony Blu-Ray Player - model BDPBX57, and the problem has gotten so bad now that I cannot even watch anything on HULU.

I can connect, but that is all. I have been unable to get in touch with them as they always seem to have "extremely high call volume" so I can never get through. I'm starting to think HULU is one big scam.... I AM able to watch content from other providers like Amazon & Netflix, just not HULU.

Perhaps their app has changed & was not pushed to my unit(?)....No matter the reason, I need help in resolving this. If you can help, I would greatly appreciate it.


Billing for October wh Why was I billed twice for October

Why was I billed twice for October????please contact me ASAP Thank You



are taxes included in the live tv price



As a new member of the hulu family, I may be missing the solution, but here's my problem. I watch hulu on a wide screen smart TV.

After watching a show selected from my watchlist, I am given options, none of which include returning to my watchlist to select another show. I'm forced to exit hulu and then re-enter in order to get to my watchlist. Needless to say, this is an aggravation.

Am I missing the solution or is it just a flaw in the hulu app which will force me to watch only Netflix in the future? I enjoy Netflix, but hulu offers movies and TV shows not available there, so I'd hate to have to give up hulu.


I finally got through to hulu help and found that the process to return to the watchlist involves a different button that Netflix, so the problem is resolved.


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