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My girlfriend and I only watch Hulu from our Apple TV. We were disgusted with the redesign after an automatic update.

We had no prior knowledge the interface was changing and insufficient instructions were provided to find the content we were looking for. I'm a designer and and have worked on films and websites. From a user experience perspective, this is horrible design. I used to be able to just look at the screen and see a bunch of options and know if an episode was new or not.

Now we have to thumb through all the content, just to see if something was available that we haven't seen. Ridiculous! You've made it more difficult to find content on the Apple TV and created a bigger obstacle of interaction to get information that was just there before. You've added profiles, but no indication of who is signed in at any time.

I see less content on the screen at once than I used to. You've capitalized the viewing space with the highlighted item and forced the user to navigate endlessly through text. It's exhausting just reading that much on a TV. I understand the interface will not go back to what it was, but perhaps updates and improvements can be made.

I am still struggling to use it and don't really want to watch the shows I was watching because of the design. I may just delete the app and cancel service if these items for Apple TV are not addressed.

-Lucas H. Glendale, CA

Product or Service Mentioned: Hulu Streaming Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $122.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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It freezes up, jumps back to home screen in the middle of a show, is NOT user friendly, and Hulu is of NO HELP when you call for assistance. Pathetic! This is why Netflix will kick your *** in ratings!

Ya screwed up, Hulu! Admit it, own it and fix it!

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #1335618

Wholeheartedly Agree. The new interface for Hulu on Apple TV is probably the worst interface I have ever used, and I have been on the web since the early 1990s.

The interface is lovely to look at, but it has all the functionality of a airplane with no wings.

Can't find anything, frequently shifts to another location without warning and you cannot tell if you have watched a program already or not.

Whoever designed this crummy excuse for an interface needs to retire and take up another profession -- you sure are not a qualified interface designer. Hulu should apologize to their paying customers for foisting this mess on them!

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