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I am about to cancel hulu all together if i have to listen to any more spanish commercials. I do not speak spanish nor do i want to hear a language i do not know.

There needs to be an ad language selector.

Many people are having trouble with this and when trying to find a solution everyone says the same thing. there is no solution even if you go through hulu and call them. Where are the is this ad relevent buttons or literally anything that will make the spanish stop.

I don't mind the commercials if i know what they are saying. not knowing however, makes me mad everytime and i am just getting progressivly angrier every commercial.

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I'm right there with ya bud. It's frustrating af to have like every other commercial in Spanish when we are an English speaking household. ....wonder why Hulu is doing this???!


Or you’re a racist

to Cbull38 #1564853

quick to judge there buddy.... The Spanish language isn't a race and it doesn't necessarily reflect ones race.

to Cbull38 #1579639

This has nothing to do with race. If you live in an English speaking household, hearing ads in a language that you don't speak or understand is pointless.

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