I have had Hulu since April 2020. I really liked the programming it had, but its technical issues or something I feel I can no longer live with.

Instead of getting better they seem to be getting worse. I have several other streaming services: Netflix, Amazon prime, Paramount plus, VUDU, Redbox, HBO max, peacock, Disney+. I have no trouble with any of these other apps, but Hulu is almost impossible to traverse. It is exceedingly difficult to delete programs from recordings, it always has a hidden recording someplace.

It is constantly buffering digitizing and freezing. I am constantly having to uninstall Hulu then reinstall. Again, I dont have these issues with any other streaming service. For that reason, today I canceled my Hulu subscription which was a little over $100 a month with the add-ons.

I would have gladly kept paying that if the service was up to the billing. It is not. Its amazing the companies that Hulu is tied in with that Hulu cannot get better software programmers for their customers. Its amazing they cant come up with a simpler program to choose programming, menu options, and such.

I advise you to take a look at your competition, primarily fuboTV. Their system is easy to maneuver and if you want to delete something you just say delete it its all gone there are no hidden episodes someplace that you have to keep hunting down to get them off your DVR. You can fast forward through their guide or pick a date to see whats on later. I hope this helps you and wish you the best in the future.

Im sure one subscription will not make or break Hulu but from what I see on the Internet, Im not the only one. only only one one that feels this way.

User's recommendation: Avoid HULU unless you like difficult and poor software.

Location: Ocala, Florida

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