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I canceled after being forced to use the new interface. It's difficult to navigate and has removed many of the features that made the old Hulu interface so user friendly.

Autoplay will play shows you do not want to watch. Your watchlist is difficult to find and no longer allows you to find your unwatched shows at the top of the list. It is VERY easy to find shows that you do not want to watch, as Hulu will shove them down your throat on every screen. What you won't see?

Your stuff.

People have been complaining about this for months after they were forced to use this UI on other devices...but Hulu pushed it anyway.

I am not paying for a service that ignores it's customers and, because of that, has no clue what they want.

0/10. Bye bye!

Product or Service Mentioned: Hulu Watchlist.

Reason of review: bad UI.

Monetary Loss: $11.

Preferred solution: Restore the previous UI..

I liked: Old hulu, Some shows.

I didn't like: Hulu does not respond to its own feedback site, New ui.

  • Hulu Going Out Of Business
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Just got the free 2 months trial and I already hate Hulu, adds, buffering probs, horrible interface, even for free I hate it.


We all agree completely- you voiced all the things we hate about it and I also think we all hate that the comment section is gone. That was one of the best things about it and it also was a good way to not waste time on garbage movies ( I just tried to watch Sorry To Bother YOu- garbage).

I'm sure if the comment section was still there the reviews would have let me know not to 'bother'. Not only is the watchlist ridiculous, for some reason they put all new episodes toward the bottom of the page and they STILL didn't fix the main problem, which is having the episodes in sequence of the season that is being watched.

It's especially stupid that you have to close out the page that you're watching and go to a whole nother page to view the episode catalogue. Unfortunately, I live in a place where we can't have satellite services, so it's the only option I have - or else I would definitely quit it too.


I am thinking of dumping them as well. I watch on a computer at work and TV at home and the Watchlist v.

My Stuff is really making it hard to find and enjoy anything.

Can't we have one system that works? Hate it.


AWFUL Ready to drop


I agree! I am going to cancel.

What is the point of streaming shows when Hulu expires them before you even finish them? I pay for Hulu to watch what I want to watch WHEN I want to watch them.

So long Hulu... I'm going to NetFlix


It's terrible. I just googled "Hate new hulu" to see if others agreed.

Looks like no one likes it.

I can't even tell if shows I watch have new episodes. I hope they revert it.


Hate new hulu format. I want to know what came out yesterday.

Just what came out yesterday. I don't want suggestions, I don't want to a thousand icons of shows I could watch that have come out throughout the lifespan of contracts, I just want to watch the new stuff that's on TV without subscribing to cable.

to Nate #1579882

Wah wah wah, my TV service I pay under 30 dollars for isn't perfect, wah; call the freaking wambulance.


I agree with pretty much all other comments here, it's like everyone is describing my exact experience. I always thought netflix sucked and almost never used it but now hulu sucks worse and as much as I hate netflix I've been using it most of the time.

I guess I should just cancel hulu but I've been holding on to a shred of hope that they will come to their senses and go back to the old platform. Or at least fix the new one.


I totally agree that the new interface is horrible. I cannot find my shows, I cannot read viewer comments on the shows anymore, and the autoplay plays shows I do not want to watch.




I liked the star ratings & the included comments section on the old format. I also liked seeing episodes to series shown below the episode being watched & that a pointed cursor exposed a brief description.

The new format requires that you leave your episode to 'Browse' the entire series.

The new format is attractive but it is not user friendly. Thank you.


I agree, HULU has made it difficult (more work than before) to see episodes of a show that I start to watch unless is use the search or browse function that I never had to use before. More work to consume the same content is a hostile way to treat customers.


No only does the UX suck, it's freaking buggy! It must be a *** show over there for this to get released. I guess I'll have to look elsewhere too :(


I too canceled Hulu because they refuse to listen to their customers


Complete piece of *** interface


Just cancelled and they even offered me a free month to stay. Didn't take it.

It's not even worth having it for free. I won't use it the way it is now.

I hate the fact that they have limited what I am able to access in their catalog. First they screwed the mobile app, and now they have done the same to the desktop site.


OMG the new Hulu design is TERRIBLE! I am definitely cancelling this if they don't fix it.

They have made it like the app so now I cannot see their full inventory of movies. They just show me a handful from different genres that they think I might like. I am sick and tired of being told by this website what it is they think I should watch. And the site looks like it was designed in 1998.

I mean COME ON! White with black lettering? The old site was so much more attractive and inviting. I'm done.

And it glitches and buffers more than any other streaming site I've ever seen. And I have LIGHTNING fast internet!

What is the deal here? Do these people actually WANT to go out of business?


I agree 100%


I totally agree with your assessment that the Hulu redesign is total crap. Everything about it is awful and the opposite of user-friendly.

Just a few examples of problems in the last few days: How do I delete shows that I finished from my Watchlist? It only allows you to add but the old shows remain. Where are the British TV shows? How can I find last night's additions?

I absolutely hate the redesign.

It's robbed the joy and ease out of streaming Hulu. Hate, hate, hate....

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