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I canceled after being forced to use the new interface. It's difficult to navigate and has removed many of the features that made the old Hulu interface so user friendly.

Autoplay will play shows you do not want to watch. Your watchlist is difficult to find and no longer allows you to find your unwatched shows at the top of the list. It is VERY easy to find shows that you do not want to watch, as Hulu will shove them down your throat on every screen. What you won't see?

Your stuff.

People have been complaining about this for months after they were forced to use this UI on other devices...but Hulu pushed it anyway.

I am not paying for a service that ignores it's customers and, because of that, has no clue what they want.

0/10. Bye bye!

Product or Service Mentioned: Hulu Watchlist.

Reason of review: bad UI.

Monetary Loss: $11.

Preferred solution: Restore the previous UI..

Hulu Pros: Old hulu, Some shows.

Hulu Cons: Hulu does not respond to its own feedback site, New ui.

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I can't stand it, Hulu used to be great, easy navigation. Now it skips down over my stuff that I've been watching..

what the *** Why did you mess it up? Where's my stuff?


I used to love Hulu. I seldom use it now because it's so difficult and time consuming to find anything to watch.

Who wants to scroll endlessly to the right?

Not having to do that was why I used Hulu, as opposed to Netflix and Amazon Prime, in the first place. Disappointed.


Absolutely agree, I hate this new layout and find I almost don't use Hula at all now. As soon as my daughter is done with the series she is watching I will likely cancel...


I hate the new interface. It is so hard to find what I want to find. Genres particularly.


new hulu interface stinks, stopped using it since update


I do love my Hulu but this change has made me shut it off! I absolutely hate it!!!

Makes it impossible to watch!!!! I will give them a chance to change it before I cancel.


Unbelievable! HULU really you had to change the layout to make yourself feel new.

YOUR NEW LAYOUT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!! I gave it a chance. It take entirely too long to find something I wat to watch. Your programming is not good enough for me to spend the time surfing.

You should fire the dummie that thought this was a good idea.

You really should change it back or give us the customer the option. I rather read then look at pictures.


I hate it too. We are currently looking in to other companies. I am going to cancel Hulu as soon as I get a new service


The recent changes HULU has made has cost us quality viewership. The navigation is horrible and now looks and feels like DirectTV.

We canceled DirectTV for HULU and now are strongly considering doing the same with HULU. NOT HAPPY WITH YOUR UI UPGRADE!!!!!!




The new format is terrible and so less user friendly. I am watching much,much less on this service.


Agreed! Looking for alternative streaming service


I'm about to cancel as well after being a customer for at least 4 years. All of my shows that I have in keep watching are completely screwed up with other shows I don't watch and there's no way to find anything.

AI working for Hulu is trying to tell me what they think I should watch which is garbage. Fix it back to the way it was or I am canceling and that's it. It is ridiculously hard to find anything with the crazy interface screen we're dealing with in 2020. Unbelievable even Netflix is much easier to navigate.

And their help menu which is non-existent?!

I'm done. To *** with artificial intelligence it's crap!


I agree it really sucks, was about to cancel my subscription when I found a button for "Sync Watchlist To My Stuff." Then all my watchlist stuff reappeared where it never was before, in "My Stuff!" I'm going to try it for a bit, but I will say, every time they redesign the interface, it's worse. Interface redesigns should be an improvement to streamline and make a platform better, not an exercise in how to *** off subscribers.

For ad-free with Showtime add on I pay them $25 a month. I'm certainly considering cancelling.


I'm cancelling also - the new interface is just that bad - even my wife commented and she never cares about anything


This new layout is the worse. However thought of it needs to take their two brain cells rub them together, and come out with something better way better then rhis.


completely agree. I'm going to cancel too.


Hate the new format. Very generic, bland, boring. The old one was easier to navigate, and I miss the bright color border around the screen!


What in name in all that is holy..... This is unusable, not to mention ugly.

Your not Disney+. You DON'T want to be Disney+. Stop trying to look like Disney+. The new user interface is so terrible!

Why??? ....I am at a loss for rational thought. And it's not like we can simply send in a complaint. I tried.

The help/contact us page... Even harder to navigate than the new format.

So disappointed... And angry!


I'm canceling, too. Hate the new interface.

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