I have been trying to contact Hulu since my last call in November 2020 when I finally reached a representative and then had my call dropped/ disconnected. I have called numerous numbers numerous times and on hold for over an hour each time listening to recordings and music.

Very frustrating and have been paying high monthly charges for no service or Hulu access. I have been dealing with COVID and I dont need HULU problems on top of my misfortune and shouldnt be paying for something I am not receiving and cant get help with. I guess Hulu only wants to deal with customers online but when I havent had access to my computer its been impossible. I have finally been able to buy a new laptop but I doubt that I will get a response to a letter or email.

Im very disappointed with Hulu and will cancel the increasingly expensive cost of the subscription. HULU DOES NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH CUSTOMERS LIVE.

I have been on hold on another phone for an hour and a half now waiting to see if an agent will answer. What is a person, a sick person at that, to do?

User's recommendation: Forget Hulu. Not worth the headache!

Location: Melbourne, Florida

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