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Today, I called because someone fraudulently opened an acct in my name. I was charged the 7.99.

I was asked for my email address. When i gave Day? mine she said oh that's not what we're have on file. I asked her to tell me what she had and she said she could not.

What? they take my credit card from someone it doesn't belong to and she can't tell me what email address was used? Her response was weak why don't know who you are so we can't give you that info. Oh but you knew who they were?

Then i asked for a refund and read told " I" had to dispute the charge with my bank. They don't give refunds.

I would never recommend this company. Ir appears they protect the criminal

Product or Service Mentioned: Hulu Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I had the exact same thing happen. Was charged on my discover card.

When I called they said I must have signed up...I didn't. No children in house, just me. I did have hulu for a short time three years ago. They had my card number then.

I disputed and filed a fraudulent charge with discover.

I think they know what they are doing. Some people won't look...won't bother to dispute...they make money on that.


Same thing happened to me on Hulu. Started to notice charges more frequently than once monthly as well.

I was told the same thing, they can use my card, but they are not allowed to give me their name or email address.

Either they are part of the fraud or enabling it. There is no gray area here


This person doesn't know basic english. Why would I trust the words they're unable to speak?


This exact same scenario happened to me.




Same thing they did to me .


I got a charge on my card from hulu for 18.55. I never even signed up with hulu so im not sure how they even havy my new card information? Anyway I called my bank and they filed a claim and are disputing it.

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